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Tony Elieh is one of the pioneers of rock and experimental music in Lebanon. A founding member of the first post-rock group of post-war Lebanon, The Scrambled Eggs, he has since developed his unique electric bass skills in various groups and styles of music including collaborating with in groups such as Karkhana, Calamita and Wormholes Electric

In recent years he has performed a solo set of heavily processed bass generated sounds.

also a photographer

Tony Elieh is also a self-taught photographer based in Beirut. Working as a professional photographer since 2008, he specializes in architecture, fashion, food, and product photography. 

His work has appeared in a variety of magazines and campaigns around the globe and he regularly collaborates with young local creatives - from artists and architects to design studios and music labels. He also has an impressive record of portraits from the Beirut culture scene.

His work has been exhibited locally and internationally.