Electric bass, composition, photography



Born in 1978 Beirut Lebanon, Tony Elieh is a self taught musician, composer and photographer. 

He is one of the pioneers of rock and experimental music in Lebanon, founding member of the first post-rock group of post-war Lebanon, Scrambled Eggs, one of Beirut’s most prolific and talented rock bands of the early 2000’s, and remained with the group from its beginnings until its demise in 2015. 

Elieh, has recorded many acclaimed albums, and composed music for several movies including an award winning movie soundtrack.


At the same time, Elieh has started developing his own sound, expanding his approach to electric bass performance, allowing him to shift from punk rock and pop rock to improv, jazz, and experimental music.

Nowadays a member of the improvising groups Karkhana, Calamita, and Wormholes Electric, Elieh is part of the Lebanese experimental music scene where he has collaborated with Lebanese musicians such as Sharif Sehnaoui, Mazen Kerbaj, Raed Yassin, Charbel Haber, Tarek Atoui, Jad Atoui, Fadi Tabbal, Youmna Saba, Cynthia Zaven, Rabih Mroue, Jerusalem in My Heart a.o. 

International collaborations include Tony Buck, Saadet Türköz, Roger Turner, JD Zazie, Chris Corsano, The EX, Elliott Sharp, Magda Mayas, Jean Francois Pauvros, Hassan Khan, Mike Cooper, Michael Zerang, Jean Marc Montera, Sam Shalabi, Kayyam El Lami, Julian Santorios a.o.


Elieh has performed solo and with his own projects at renowned international festivals and venues such as the Berlinale, Ruhrtriennale, Berlin Biennale, Frankfurter Buchmesse, DAAD Mikromusik Festival Berlin, Konfrontationen, Austria, Klangspuren Festival, Austria, Le Guess Who?, Cannes Film festival, Printemps de la Danse Arabe,Paris, Guggenheim Museum, New York, Roskilde Festival a.o.


His interdisciplinary projects are numerous. He has composed and performed music for cine-concerts, as a homage to classic renowned silent movies with live improvised music.

He has also composed and performed live music for different plays and dance performances which have toured internationally.

On January 2021 Elieh received the Weltoffenes Berlin, a one year residency supported by Akademie Der Künste.


In addition to his musical practice, Tony Elieh is a self-taught photographer becoming one of the most sought-after and innovative photographers in Lebanon.

His work has been exhibited locally at Maria Halios Gallery (2014) and Nawfal palace Tripoli (2012); and internationally at Compass festival at Ausland Berlin (2013).

His work has been published in different magazines around the globe such as Curve, Elle Deco, Architectural digest USA, Bazaar, Officiel a.o.

His main specialization is in architecture and fashion photography, but he has worked extensively on the Beirut cultural life, taking pictures of live events and concerts on one hand, and building an impressive gallery of portraits of the actors of the local scene on the other. 




Projects past and present


Scrambled Eggs (alongside Charbel Haber, Malek Rizkallah, Fadi Tabbal and Former member Marc Codsi)

Lumi (alongside Marc Codsi & Mayaline Hajj)

Wormholes Electric (alongside Sharif Sehnaoui, Mazen Kerbaj and former member Charbel Haber)

XEFM (Alongside Charbel Haber, Abdallah Khoury & Fadi Tabbal)

Shoot Shoot (alongside Jeremy & Timothee Regnier, Zeid Hamdan and Malek Rizkallah)

Johnny Kafta Anti Vegetarian Orchestra (alongside Sharif Sehnaoui, Charbel Haber, Mazen Kerbaj, Raed Yassin & Malek Rizkallah)

OmarChestra (alongside Charbel Haber, Maurice Louca, Sam Shalabi, Sharif Sehnaoui, Fadi Tabbal, Osman Arabi & Umut Çağlar)

Karkhana, (alongside Umut Caglat, Mazen Kerbaj, Maurice Louca, Sam Shalabi, Sharif Sehnaoui, Michael Zerang)

Calamita (alongside Sharif Sehnaoui & Davide Ziolli)

3alil (alongside Radwan Moumneh & Sharif Sehnaoui)

Percussion Duo (alongside Sharif Sehnaoui)

Anarchy Tv (alongside Stephan Rives, Sharif Sehnaoui & Paed Conca)

Mourtafaa 1000 (alongside Sharif Sehnaoui, Abed Kobeissy and Ali Hout)
Zone Null (alongside Burkhard Beins)
Spirit Weather (alongside Tony Buck)
Los Panteros (alongside Aya Metwali)
Hiccup (alongside Maryna Cyrino, JD Zazie & Matthias Koole)





It’s Good To Die Every now And Then (2017-Al Maslakh)


His debut solo album, released on Al Maslakh records.

With this work, the artist displays his multiple influences from oriental tonalities to sophisticated electronic sounds, playing with texture, volume, dynamics and space. Elieh has developed a unique and personalized technique of playing the electric bass, using multiple preparations such as sticks, vibrating tools and electronic music pedals in order to expand the possibilities of his instrument, at times transforming it into a synthesizer or a drum machine. The resulting work is both visually and sonically stimulating. 



Scrambled Eggs

Human Friendly Noises (2002-La CD-Theque)

No Special Date Nor Deity To Venerate (2004-Incognito)

Nevermind Where, Just Drive (2004-Those Kids Must Choke)

Happy Togthere Filthy Forever (2006-Incognito)

Dedicated To Foes Celebrating Friends (2009-Independent)

Peace Is Overrated & War Misunderstood [Demos & Unreleased Tracks 2006-2009] (2010-Ruptured)

Scrambled Eggs & A Trio Beach Party At Mirna El Chalouhi (2010-Johnny Kafta's Kids Menu)

Scrambled Eggs & Friends (2010-Johnny Kafta's Kids Menu)




XEFM (2008- Those Kids Must Choke)

Johnny Kafta Anti Vegetarian Orchestra
Johnny Kafta Anti Vegetarian Orchestra



Orchestra Omar (2015-Sagitarius Record)



For Seun Matta (2017-Holiday Record)

Al Dar Al Hamra (2017-Unrock)

Carte Blanche-Karkhana With Nada el Shazly (2019-Unrock)

Bitter Balls (2020-Unrock)



Calamita (2018-Ruptured)


Movie composed Soundtracks: 

A Perfect Day (2005-directed by Khalil & Joanna Jreij)

Je Veux Voire (2008-directed by Khalil & Joanna Jreij)

Crayon Of Askalan (2011-directed by Leila Hoteit)

A Day in 1959 (2012-directed by Nadim Tabet)

A prelude - A letter to Eternity (2016-directed by Ilse Frech)


Dance Performances

Music composition and live performances


Mother Tongue (2015-Pierre Geagea)

Fugacious Presence (2016-Ilse Frech Visual artist, filmmaker and documentary photographer)

The Diary of a Mulberry Tree (2017-Nadine Abou Zaki- Jean Paul Mehansio)


Cine Concert

In collaboration with Metropolis movie Theaters and Irtijal

Music composition and live performance


Man With A Movie Camera (2009-XEFM)

The Adventures of Prince Ahmad (2009-XEFM)

La Chute de la Maison Usher(2012-Scrambled Eggs/Cynthia Zaven)

The 400 Tricks of the Devil (2018- Solo performance as part of the European film festival)

Variety (2019-Sharif Sehnaoui/Malek Rizkallah/Anthony Sahyoun/Malek Rizkallah as part of the German film week, fundraising event supported by Goethe-Institut Libanon)


Live Performances (selection)

March 18- Trio with Lena Czerniawska, Eric Bauer @ PAS, Berlin, Germany

March 14-Slotsch @ PAS, Berlin, Germany

March 13-Quartet with Andrea Parkins, Eliad Wagner, Yorgos Dimitriadis @ PAS, Berlin, Germany

March 9-Trio with Beat Keller & Marie Takahashi @ Morphine Raum, Berlin, Germany

March 8-Zone Null @ Backsteinboot, Berlin, Germany

March 4-Solo @ Cafe Plume, Berlin, Germany

February 13-Zone Null @ Venas Rottas, Mexico City, Mexico

February 10-Zone Null @ Volta Sessions, Centro Cultural de España, Mexico City, Mexico

February 9-Zone Null with Lorena Izquierdo @ H3ar Sessions, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

February 7-Trio with Eric Bauer & Lena Czerniawska @ Queretaro Museum, Queretaro, Mexico

February 6-Zone Null with Emilio Gordoa @ Phonoteca, Mexico City, Mexico

February 2-Quartet with Sarmen Almond, Andres Gordoa & Claudia Schmitt @ Filec Festival, Cuernavaca, Mexico

January 15-Caboose @ Cafe Plume, Berlin, Germany

January  8-Zone Null @ Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany


December 20-Bass Clef Poetry @ Atelier Cafe, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
December 16-Mur Des Murmures, House Gig, Berlin, Germany
December 7-Slotsch @ 3xtr, Berlin, Germany
December 5-Duo with Eric Wong @ Cafe Plume, Berlin, Germany
December 1-Zone Null @ Farby, Poznan, Poland

November 30-Zone Null @ Bemma Bar, Wroclaw, Poland
November 29-Trio with Saadet Turkoz & Audrey Chen @ Morphine Raum, Berlin, Germany
November 27-Quartet with Saadet Turkoz, Matthias Koole & Niko Lefort De Paula @ Cafe Plume, Berlin, Germany
November 26-Trio with Beat Keller & Marie Takahashi @ Satellit, Berlin, Germany

November 16-Mur Des Murmurs @ Morphine Raum, Berlin, Germany
November 4-Quartet with Cheng Quartet @ Cafe Plume, Berlin, Germany

November 1-Trio with Beat Keller & Marie Takahashi @  Sonic Krause #21, Berlin, Germany

October 25-Trio with Grgur Savic & Steve Heather @ Hosek Contemporary, Berlin, Germany

October 21-Bass Clef Poetry @ Cafe Plume, Berlin, Germany

October 16-Duo with Beat Keller @ Cafe Plume, Berlin, Germany

October 12-Duo with Eliad Wagner @ 3xtr, Berlin, Germany

September 22-Slotsch @ Morphine Raum, Berlin, Germany
September 17-Trio with Matthias Koole & Niko Lefort Depaula @ Villa Kuriosum, Berlin, Germany

September 16-Hiccup @ Ausland, Berlin, Germany

August 7-Duo with Eliad Wagner @ Cafe Plume, Berlin, Germany

August 11-Hiccup @ Cafe Plume, Berlin, Germany

August 27-Trio with Kriton Beyer & Burkhard Beins @ Zwitschermaschine, Berlin, Germany


July 6-Dog Plugs @ West Germany, Berlin, Germany

July 8-Duo with Eliad Wagner @ Kuhlspot, Berlin, Germany

July 19-Hiccup @ PAS, Berlin, Germany

July 29-Duo with Mazen Kerbaj @ TRAVEMÜNDE, Lubeck, Germany

June 28-Quartet with Niko Lefort, Marina Cyrino & Matthias Koole @ Cafe Plume, Berlin, Germany

June 7-Trio with Ute Wassermann & Emilio Gordoa @ PAS, Berlin, Germany

June 2-Slotsch @ Cafe Plume, Berlin, Germany

June 1-Zone Null @ 3xtr, Berlin, Germany

May 26- Saet el Hazz (The Luck Hour) @ Porgy and Bess, Vienna, Austria

May 24-The Most Unusual Things @ Hosek Contemporary, Berlin, Germnay

May 19-The Most Unusual Things @ KM28, Berlin, Germany

May 12-Trio with Yorgos Dimitriadis & Andrea Parkins @ Morphine Raum, Berlin, Germany

May 8-Mur Des MurMurs @ Cafe Plume, Berlin, Germany

May 3-Dog Plugs @ Arkaoda, Berlin, Germany

April 25-Zone Null @ Morphine Raum, Berlin, Germany

April 14- Duo with Sara Persico @ Irtijal Festival, Frequent Defect, Beirut, Lebanon
April 13- Quartet with Paed Conca, Petr Vrba & Malek Rizkallah @ Irtijal Festival, Zoukak Theater, Beirut, Lebanon

April 6-Spirit weather @ Morphine Raum, Berlin, Germany

March 31-Solo @ 3xtr,Berlin, Germany
March 29-Zone Null @ Panda, Berlin, Germany
March 23-Slotsch @ 3xtr, Berlin, Germany

March 8-Trio with Ute Wassermann & Emilio Gordoa @ West Germany, Berlin, Germany

February 26-Hal Was Eh @ PAS, Berlin, Germany

February 2-Los Panteros @ ECLAT Festival, Stuttgart, Germany


December 16-Solo performance @ Serious Series, Uferstudios Studio, Berlin, Germany 

December 11-Quartet with Tony Buck, Frank Gratkowski & Maurice Louca @ Petersburg Art Space, Berlin, Germany

December 9-Solo performance @ Pawilon, Poznan, Poland

December 8-Solo performance and duo with Steffen Roth @ Pracht, Leipzig, Germany

November 25-Trio with Elio Amberg and Kriton Beyer @ Kuhlspot, Berlin, Germany 

November 21-Sawt Out & Tony Elieh @ West Germany, Berlin, Germany

November 6-Zone Null @ Petersburgh Art Space, Berlin, Germany

October 21-Trio with Maurice Louca & Ozun Usta @ Petersburg Art Space, Berlin, Germany

October 18-Hiccup @ Morphine Raum, Berlin, Germany

October 6 - Duo with Sara Persico @ Berlin Modular Society, Berlin, Germany

September 24-Trio with Jaka Berger & Branimir Štivić @ Sonica Festival, ljubljana, Slovenia

September 20- Zalghouta a composition for 6 voices for Neue Vocalsolisten, Voice Affair @ Ultima Festival, Oslo, Norway

September 17-Zone Null & Elia Moretti @ Punctum, Prague, Czech Republic

September 15-Zone Null & Gerard Lebik @ Kino Zdrowie, Sokolowsko, Poland

September 13-Zone Null @ klubfiducia, Ostrava, Czech Republic

September 12-Zone Null @ Uczulenie, Wroclaw, Poland

September 4-Solo @ Skaņu mežs (sound forest) Festival- St. Saviours Anglican, Riga, Latvia

August 24-Duo with Sara Persico @ 8MM, Berlin, Germany
August 9-Quartet with Frank Gratkowski, Jasper Stadhouders, Christian Marien @ Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin, Germany

July 26-Bass Clef & Poetry Duo with Andrei Cucu @ ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin, Germany

July 14-Hiccup on the Way @ West Germany, Berlin, Germany

June 23-Quratet with Tony Buck,Frank Gratowski & Sharif Sehnaoui @ X, Berlin, Germany

June 2-Duo with Sara Persico @ Sowieso, Berlin, Germany

May 11- Zone Null a duo with Burkhard Beins @ West Berlin, Berlin, Germany

May 23 & 24- Los Panteros, Duo with Aya Metwali @ Morphine Raum, Berlin, Germany 

April 15-Quartet with Marina Cyrano,JD Zazie,Matthias Koole, @ Trik, Berlin, Germany

April 2nd- Solo performance @ Irtijal Festival @ Beirut Art Center, Beirut, Lebanon

March 12th- Solo Performance @ the Akademie der Kunste, Berlin, Germany

February 12th - Duo with Burkhard Beins @ Trik-Berlin-Germany

February 25th - Trio with Mazen Kerbaj  and Steffen Roth @ Trik, Berlin, Germany

January 12 - Quartet with Mazen Kerbaj, Marina Cyrano and Matthias Koole @ Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin, Germany

January 14 - Trio with Sara Persico & Ilia Gorovitz @ Trik-Berlin-Germany

March 13 - Duo with Sharif Sehnaoui  for Beirut Drone - Beirut, Lebanon

April 09 - Calamita with Aya Mitawali @ Boustros Palace - Beirut, Lebanon

May 07- Memories In Music - Spirit Weather a Duo with Tony Buck @ The Akademie Der Kunste, Berlin, Germany

June 26 - Sawt Out & Tony Elieh @ Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin, Germany

July 11 - Ohz
@ Petersburg Art Space, Berlin, Germany
July 28 - Karkhana @ Situ Art Society, Bonn, Germany
July 31 - A L'Arme Festival - Karkhana @ Radial System, Berlin, Germany

August 3 - Trio with Michael Zerang and Frank Gratowski @ Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin, Germany
August 4 - Trio with Aya Metwali and Maurice Louca @ Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin, Germany
August 5 - Trio with Mazen Kerbaj and Maurice Louca @ Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin, Germany
August 6 - Memories In Music Fesitval - Calamita with Aya Metwali @ Akademie Der Kunste, Berlin, Germany
August 12 - Trio with Mazen Kerbaj & Raed Yassin @ Petersburg Art Space, Berlin, Germany
August 29 - Trio with  Mazen Kerbaj &  Maurice Louca-Redeem Berlin Festival @ Haus Der Statistik, Berlin, Germany

September 28 - Los Panteros Duo with  Aya Metwalli @ Phonetics Festival, Saint Denis, France

October 9-Quartet with Tony Buck, Fadi Tabbal & Youmna Saba, Irtijal Festival, @ Wabe, Berlin,Germany
October 13- Quartet with Marina Cyrano, Matthias Koole & JD Zazie @ Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin,  Germany
October 18- Solo for & quartet  with Marloes Van Son, Zoe Mc Pherson & DJ Die Soon for Rabih Beaini's Instruments Project at Morphine Raum-Berlin, Germany
October 25- Trio with Sam Shalabi & Maurice Louca @ Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin, Germany

November 4-Solo Performance @ KM28, Berlin, Germany
November 14-Solo Performance for Phantom Orchestra at Morphine Raum-Berlin, Germany

November 19- Solo @ Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin, Germany, curated by Sara Persico

November 20- Quartet with Jasper Stadhouders, Steve Heather & Sara Perisco @ Au Topsi Pohl-Berlin, Germany

November 27- Solo for OMBRA Series @ Trikster-Berlin, Germany

November 30- Solo performance for Aural Maps #6, Live broadcast on FM 88.4MHz Berlin - 90.7MHz Potsdam and streaming on Archipel Stations + @ Zabriskie bookshop-Berlin, Germany

December-10- Duo with Mazen Kerbaj (JUNX) and a Duo with Tony Buck (Spirit Weather) @ Sowieso-Berlin, Germany

December-12- Trio with Mazen Kerbaj & Adam Golebiewski  @ Arkaoda-Berlin, Germany


January 22 - Frédéric Oberland & Gregory Dargent + guests @ Metro Al Madina, Beirut, Lebanon

January 31- Disappearing Berlin with Mouhammad Bourouissa Youmna Saba Sina Araghi.

Project Si Di Kubi. @ Clärchens Ballhaus Berlin Germany


February 05- Solo @ ACUD MACHT NEU Berlin Germany

February 07 - New & Newest Music Festival - Wormholes Electric @ Arter Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

February 29 - Beirut & Beyond Music Festival - Calamita @ Brazzaville, Beirut, Lebanon


May 22 - Calamita @ Bustros Palace, Beirut, Lebanon

October 18- Calamita with Aya Metwali @ Ballroom Blitz online gig for Morphine Record Fundraiser 

November 01- Calamita with Aya Metwali for Irtijal Festival @ Zoukak - Beirut

December 05 - Duo with Aya Metwali for Irtijal Festival Berlin @ Ausland - Berlin



May 23-Si Di KUBI Tony EliehMouhammad Bourouissa Youmna Saba Sina Araghi Luma Days 3 Arles France


June 15- Solo Beirut Drone @ Zoukak

June 17 - Calamita @ Fanfulla 5/A, Rome, Italy

June 18 - Calamita @ Giardini del Frontone, Perugia, Italy

June 19 - Calamita @ Magazzino Parallelo, Cesena, Italy

June 20 - Calamita @ Osteria al Castello, Chiuppano, Italy

June 21 - Calamita @ Forte Marghera, Venice, Italy

June 28 - Calamita @ Metro Al-Madina, Beirut, Lebanon

June 29 - Calamita w/Jean-Marc Montera @ Warché 13, Tripoli, Lebanon


July 03 - Karkhana @ Bimhuis, Amsterdam, Holland

July 05 - Roskilde 2019 - Karkhana @ Gloria Stage, Roskilde, Denmark


September 21 - Planet Ears - Mourtafa3 1000 @ Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim, Germany

September 22 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Golebiewski @ Alchemia, Krakow, Poland

September 23 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Golebiewski @ Konkret/MS1, Lodz, Poland

September 24 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Golebiewski @ Wieza Cisnien, Konin, Poland

September 25 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Golebiewski @ Domie, Poznan, Poland

September 26 - Klank + Elieh/Sehnaoui @ Gerhard-Marcks Haus, Bremen, Germany


October 01 - German Film Week - "Variety" Ciné-concert @ Sursock Museum, Beirut, Lebanon

October 08 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Golebiewski @ Onomatopoiea, Beirut, Lebanon



January 13 - Karkhana @ Oceanen, Gothenburg, Sweden

January 14 - Open Studio - Karkhana + Nadah el Shazly @ Inter Arts Center, Malmö, Sweden

January 15 - Karkhana @ Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden


February 01 - European Film Festival - George Méliès "Solitudes" @ Metropolis Cinema, Beirut, Lebanon

February 16 - Berlinale Forum - George Méliès "Solitudes" @ Delphi Filmpalast, Berlin, Germany


April 06 - Irtijal'18 - Karkhana @ Zoukak Studio, Beirut, Lebanon

April 22 - Printemps de la Danse Arabe - Pierre Geagea "Mother Tongue" @ IMA, Paris, France

May 03 - Calamita Qtet @ Yukunkun, Beirut, Lebanon

July 03 - #NotSilent - Chahrour/Elieh/Kobeissy/Metwalli/Sehnaoui @ Zoukak Studio, Beirut, Lebanon

July 30 - Wormholes Electric @ Metro Al-Madina, Beirut, Lebanon

August 08 - Plugged - Atoui/Elieh/Kerbaj/Kobeissy/Sehnaoui @ Metro Al-Madina, Beirut, Lebanon

August 22 - Ruhrtriennale - Wormholes Electric @ Maschinenhaus, Essen, Germany

October 20 - Zoom-In Festival - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Sartorius @ Sonarraum, Bern, Switzerland

October 21 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Spera @ B-Folk, Roma, Italy

October 22 - Calamita @ Cox 18, Milano, Italy

October 23 - Calamita + Riccardo Sinigaglia @ Macao, Milano, Italy

October 24 - Calamita @ Le Magasin Général, Tarnac, France

October 25 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Sartorius @ Instants Chavirés, Paris, France

October 26 - Calamita @ Atelier de l'Etoile, Besançon, France

October 28 - Calamita @ Cave 12, Geneva, Switzerland

November 08 - Le Guess Who? - Jerusalem in my Heart Orchestra @ Janskerk, Utrecht, Holland



January 11 - AnArchy TV @ Onomatopoeia, Beirut, Lebanon


February 01- Solo and Collaboration gig with Hassan Khan @ ZigZag Club,  Cairo, Egypt

February 09 - Pierre Geagea "Mother Tongue" @ Masrah Al-Madina, Beirut, Lebanon

February 10 - Pierre Geagea "Mother Tongue" @ Masrah Al-Madina, Beirut, Lebanon

February 24 - Mashreq to Maghreb - Wormholes Electric @ Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden, Germany

February 25 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Gołębiewski @ Klub Proza, Wroclaw, Poland

February 26 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Gołębiewski @ Kulturhauz, Torun, Poland

February 27 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Gołębiewski @ Centrum Amarant, Poznan, Poland


March 12 - Sharjah Biennial 13 - Karkhana @ Mirage City Cinema, Sharjah, UAE

March 28 - Pierre Geagea "Mother Tongue" @ Theatre de la Madeleine, Geneva, Switzerland


May 07 - 3alil @ Bustros Palace, Beirut, Lebanon


June 28 - Ljubljana Jazz Festival - Karkhana @ Klub CD, Ljubljana, Slovenia


October 13 - Frankfort Book Fair - Wormholes Electric @ Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany

October 14 - Solo @ Hanse 3, Dresden, Germany

October 16 - Hal Was Eh? + Elieh/Sehnaoui @ Studio 8, Berlin, Germany


December 01 - Beirut Noise - Solo, Paris, France

December 02 - Beirut Noise - Wormholes Electric @ La Colonie, Paris, France

December 19 - Elieh/Sehnaoui + Khyam Allami & Sam Shalabi @Beirut Open Space, Beirut, Lebanon



January 6 - Elieh/Gołębiewski/Rives/Sehnaoui @ Yukunkun, Beirut, Lebanon

January 21 - 3alil @ Yukunkun, Beirut, Lebanon

March 31- Irtijal Festival Trio with Marc Codsi and  Fady Tabbal @ Metro al Madina, Beirut, Lebanon

April 2 - Irtijal Festival Solo performance @ Yukunkun Club, Beirut, Lebanon

May 27- Solo for a Dance performance by Ilse Fresh Fugacious Presence @ Ashkal Alwan, Beirut, Lebanon


June 21 - AnArchy TV @ Yukunkun, Beirut, Lebanon

June 30 - AnArchy TV @ Dawawine, Beirut, Lebanon


July 23 - Konfrontationen'16 - Karkhana @ Jazzgalerie, Nickelsdorf, Austria

July 24 - Tarcento Jazz - Karkhana @ Palazzo Frangipane, Tarcento, Italy


August 31 - F.U.S.E @ Yukunkun, Beirut, Lebanon

August 17 - Wormholes Electric @ Metro Al-Madina, Beirut, Lebanon

August 27 - Conca/Kerbaj/Sehnaoui/Elieh/Usta @ Bustros Palace, Beirut, Lebanon


September 24 - Klangspuren Festival - Wormholes Electric @ Silbersaal, Schwaz, Austria

September 26 - Solo @ Mullbau, Lucerne, Switzerland

September 27 - Solo @ Institute of Incoherent Cinematography, Zurich, Switzerland

October 4 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Zolli @ BIKO, Milan, Italy

October 7 - Sehnaoui/Elieh & Ancestral Memories @ Spazio Aero, Venice, Italy

October 8 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Zolli @ Clan Destino, Faenza, Italy

October 9 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Zolli @ ViaRoma17, Dueville, Italy

October 10 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Zolli @ Visionario, Udine, Italy

October 12 - Kerbaj/Sehnaoui/Elieh/Spera @ Dal Verme, Rome, Italy

November 6 - Jazz Jantar Festival - Karkhana @ Klub Zak, Gdansk, Poland

November 7 - Karkhana @ Berghain Kanteen, Berlin, Germany

November 8 - Karkhana @ Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp, Belgium

November 9 - Karkhana @ Eglise St. Merri, Paris, France

November 10 - Karkhana @ OCCII, Amsterdam, Holland

November 12 - Jazz Jantar Festival - Wormholes Electric @ Klub Zak, Gdansk, Poland

November 13 - Le Guess Who? - Wormholes Electric @ Cloud Nine, Utrecht, Holland

November 26 - NEXT Festival - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Corsano @ A4, Bratislava, Slovakia

November 27 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Gołębiewski @ Café Pavlac, Prague, Czech Republic

November 28 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Gołębiewski @ LAS, Poznan, Poland

November 29 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Gołębiewski @ Loophole, Berlin, Germany

December 21 - Codsi/Elieh/Sehnaoui @ Onomatopoeia, Beirut, Lebanon

Exhibition: Esma'/ListenSolo "Sound Capsule" @ Beirut Art Center, Beirut 

Exhibition Soundtrack: Solo Piece But a Storm is Blowing from Paradise - Raed Yassin "Parallel Gems" @ Guggenheim Museum, New York



April 2 - Irtijal'15 - Sehnaoui/Elieh/Sartorius @ Beirut Art Center, Beirut, Lebanon

April 3 - Irtijal'15 - Joyfulnoise Orchestra Int. conducted by Hans Koch @ Metro Al-Madina, Beirut, Lebanon


June 30 - AnArchy TV + guests @ Dawawine, Beirut, Lebanon


August 12 - Elieh/Sehnaoui Percussion Duo @ Yukunkun, Beirut, Lebanon

August 29 - Mikromusik Festival - Wormholes Electric @ Villa Elizabeth, Berlin, Germany


September 20 - Mike Cooper "Beach Crossings" @ Beirut Art Center, Beirut, Lebanon


October 16 - Pierre Geagea "Mother Tongue" @ Theatre Gemmayzeh, Beirut, Lebanon

October 17 - Pierre Geagea "Mother Tongue" @ Theatre Gemmayzeh, Beirut, Lebanon

October 28 - Nour Festival - Pierre Geagea "Mother Tongue"@ Chelsea Theatre, London, UK

October 29 - Elieh/Sehnaoui w/Roger Turner @ I'Klectik, London, UK


November 24 - Karkhana @ Bustros Palace, Beirut, Lebanon

November 25 - Labyrinths/Matãhãt - Karkhana @ Metro Al-Madina, Beirut, Lebanon

November 28 - Eastern Daze II - Karkhana @ Vooruit, Gent, Belgium


May 30 - Berlin Biennale - Tarek Atoui Dahlem Sessions @ Dahlem Museum, Berlin, Germany

May 31 - Berlin Biennale - Tarek Atoui Dahlem Sessions @ Dahlem Museum, Berlin, Germany


July 18 - Pierre Geagea "Mother Tongue" @ Theatre Monot, Beirut, Lebanon

July 19 - Pierre Geagea "Mother Tongue" @ Theatre Monot, Beirut, Lebanon

July 20 - Pierre Geagea "Mother Tongue" @ Theatre Monot, Beirut, Lebanon

July 27 - Pierre Geagea "Mother Tongue" @ Theatre Monot, Beirut, Lebanon


November 19- Scrambled Eggs @ Metro Al Madina,Beirut,Lebanon

November 20 - Pierre Geagea "Mother Tongue" @ Salle Montaigne, Beirut, Lebanon

November 21 - Pierre Geagea "Mother Tongue" @ Salle Montaigne, Beirut, Lebanon

November 22 - Pierre Geagea "Mother Tongue" @ Salle Montaigne, Beirut, Lebanon


December 29-Scrambled Eggs @ Yukunkun Beirut Lebanon



April 08- Scrambled Eggs Irtijal Festival @ Masrah Beirut,Beirut, Lebanon

April 09- Elieh/The Ex Irtijal Festival @ Masrah Beirut,Beirut,Lebanon


May 24 - Home Works 6 - Wormholes Electric @ Ashkal Alwan Home Workspace, Beirut, Lebanon


November 22 - Ensemble 22.11 @ Metro Al-Madina, Beirut, Lebanon

November 28 - NEXT Festival - BAO+ @ A4, Bratislava, Slovakia

November 29- Compass Festival Scrambled Eggs/ Transmit @ Ausland Berlin Germany

November 30 - Compass Festival - Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra @ Ausland, Berlin, Germany


December 14 - Rendez-Vous Boutique @ Beit El Nessim, Tripoli, Lebanon

December 18 - Rendez-Vous Boutique@ Yukunkun, Beirut, Lebanon


February 15 - Beirut - Istanbul Free Jazz Express - Ensemble 15.02 @ DRM, Beirut, Lebanon


March 08 - "Meat - Raw" - Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra @ Metro Al-Madina, Beirut, Lebanon

Music for Film: "A Day in 59" by Nadim Tabet w/Charbel Haber & Tony Elieh


June 19 - BAO+ w/ Tony Elieh & Gustavo Costa @ EM Chill, Beirut, Lebanon

 August 26 - Summer Extravaganza - Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra @ Coop d'Etat, Beirut, Lebanon


September 28 - The Elieh/Sehnaoui Percussion Duo @ ZDB, Lisbon, Portugal

September 29 - The Elieh/Sehnaoui Percussion Duo @ Salao Brazil, Coimbra, Portugal

September 30 - Manobras Festival - The Elieh/Sehnaoui Percussion Duo @ Miradouro da Vitoria, Porto,  



October 2 - Microvolumes - Elieh/Filipe/Guimarães/Sehnaoui @ Centro Comercial Stop, Porto, Portugal


November 3 - Saadet Türköz w/ Tony Elieh & Sharif Sehnaoui @ Bustros Palace, Beirut, Lebanon

November 4 - Portal9 Magazine launch - Türköz/Zaven/Elieh/Sehnaoui @ Gold Souks, Beirut, Lebanon


December 09- Scrambled Eggs Cine Concert La Chute de la Maison Usher @Metropolis Cinema, Beirut,  



January 21 - Friends of Nawfal Palace - BAO+ @ Nawfal Palace, Tripoli, Lebanon


April 15- Scrambled Eggs/Rabih Mroue Globe at the Deutsche Bank-Towers

               Frankfurt Germany 


May 05- Scrambled Eggs @ Basement,Beirut,Lebanon


July 26 - Scrambled Eggs & Friends @ Masrah Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

July 06- Scrambled Eggs @ Konfrontationen Festival Nickelsdorf, Austria


June 16 - Annihaya launches Praed's "Made in Japan" - Scrambled Eggs & Friends @ Masrah  

                 Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

August 19 - Freikeh 2011 - Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra w/ Elliott Sharp @ Theater, Freikeh,  



October 18 - The Elieh/Sehnaoui Percussion Duo @ Knock on Wood, Beirut, Lebanon


December 2 - Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra @ Masrah Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon



March 10 - Prelude to "Irtijal" - Boni/Boni/Elieh/Sehnaoui @ Beirut Art Center, Beirut, Lebanon


May 17- Scrambled Eggs @ The. Dome, Beirut,Lebanon

May 24- Scrambled Eggs/Mike Cooper @ EM CHILL, Beiut, Lebanon


October 27 - Atsushi Takenouchi & The Elieh/Sehnaoui Percussion Duo @ Bustros Palace, Beirut




March 20- Lumi @ Dubai City Festival, Dubai, UAE


April 3- XEFM- Irtijal Festival @ Art Lounge, Karantina, Lebanon


June 18- Scrambled Eggs @ L’International,Paris,France


August 08 - Festivale de Deir el Qamar - Scrambled Eggs & Friends @ CCF, Deir el Qamar, Lebanon

August 24- Scrambled Eggs @ Decks On The Beach,Beirut,Lebanon


December 27- Scrambled Eggs @ The Basement,Beirut,Lebanon




January 29- Scrambled Eggs @ Snatch, Beirut,Lebanon


February 06- XEFM Cine Concert Man With A Movie Camera @ The Basement,Beirut,Lebanon


March 10- Scrambled Eggs @ Canadian Music Week CMW,Toronto,Canada

March 13- Scrambled Eggs @ Red 7 SXSW Festival, Austin Texas, USA


May 30- Lumi @ Ajram Beach, Beirut, Lebanon


June 23- Lumi @ Le Club, Paris, France


July 2- Lumi @ Gleiss Munster, Germany

July 4- Lumi @ Arena, Berlin, Germany

July 5- Lumi @ Laverys Bar, Belfast, Ireland

July 7- Lumi @ Madame JOJO”s, London, England

July 12- Lumi @ Byblos Festival, Byblos, Lebanon

July 15- Lumi @ ALPHA, Dubai, UAE


October 15- Scrambled Eggs @ MOMO’S, London, England


November 20- XEFM Cine Concert "The Adventures of Prince Achmed" @ Metropolis Cinema, Beirut, Lebanon


December 28- Scrambled Eggs @ BO18, Beirut,Lebanon



January 20- Scrambled Eggs @ HAU 2, Berlin, Germany


May 21- Scrambled Eggs Soiree Libanaise Au Festival De Cannes, Cannes, France


July 09-Scrambled Eggs @ La Fleche D’or Paris France

July 09-Lumi @ La Fleche D’or Paris France










Like all great things, we started small. We took a few like-minds with a shared vision—and ran with it. Today, we’ve grown into something big.